Our App of the Week: BProfile


In a new series at UTB, Our App of the Week, we like to shine some light on one App that we consider outstanding and that offers a very unique BlackBerry experience.

The app for this week is not only ‘Built for BlackBerry’ approved but is offers its users a very unique BlackBerry vibe. BProfile, by TMC Devs, is a avatar creating app (mainly for BBM, twitter or any other 500x500px frame). What it does is allows you to add unique BlackBerry logos and text boxes onto a uploaded photo or ones you take with your camera. The app is free but you can also get more logos by doing an in app purchase of 99 cents. I think the upgrade is worth it for two reasons. The first being that you support the hard working BlackBerry Devs, and the second being you get the awesome squircle logo, a big favorite around here.

So lets get started, once the app is open and running, you’ll have to upload or take a photo. I chose one of our commander and chief, Mr. John Chen. Once uploaded you can pitch to zoom and adjust the pic the way you like. You’ll notice a black text bar, you can adjust this as well and even adjust the transparency. Once you move the text box or remove it all together you can go ahead and change the color, box size, and you can even change the font of the text, that’s inside the box. You’ll also notice two rows flanking the picture you just uploaded. On the left, you will see some familiar logos like the spark, a heart, Blackberry logo (black, white), CB logo, BBM logo, BBM logo in white, BlackBerry logo in a circle, Status indicator BlackBerry logo (black, white), and the amazingly awesome squircle (open, closed). On the right hand side you will see the colors you can change the text box. They include black, red, orange, blue, and magenta. Once you’ve added your logos and added your text, just save or share you brand new (BlackBerry enhanced) avatar.

So that’s it, a very clean, well built app that has a lot of potential. It can even help you stand out in the sea of iSheep and show that you’re BlackBerry proud.

Check out the link below and give BProfile a shoot. Also, as always, give a shout out in the comments and let us see what you created. Have fun and be BlackBerry proud!

Get BProfile here!