OSGate – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again…


Just recently a financial blogger wrote a piece concerning BlackBerry.  While the overall tone was generally favorable, he pointed out that one area where BlackBerry is lacking is ‘execution‘ – getting its’ handsets and OS’ out on time. He went so far as to claim that the Passport and Classic were released to AT&T and Verizon too late in the quarter to have any meaningful impact on the Earnings Report! Seriously? Isn’t it better to get it right the first time around? Rushing software or hardware to market to meet some mythical date that was set by higher-ups 9 months or a year ago is fine, everyone can pat each other on the back and gather awards for meeting a deadline. The problem is once the item goes out it is in the hands of hundreds of thousands (or millions) of users, each with their own unique needs. While a small glitch may be tolerated, larger ones could easily be a Public Relations nightmare negatively impacting future sales, especially in the tech world where there are so many choices. Remember the Z10 launch a few years ago? After numerous delays it still had issues with random reboots – the media went so far as to claim there were actually more units returned than sold (I must’ve slept through that math class).

This leads to my title of ‘OSGate’. I was raised to believe that journalists were fair, balanced and unbiased. So while BlackBerry took their lumps publicly I must have missed the media reports lambasting Apple for their past and present iOS foibles:

iOS 7.1


iOS 8.0


iOS 8.01



iOS 8.02


iOS 8.1



iOS 8.2



iOS 8.3

(IT Bulletin dated 09 Apr 2015)

(lest anyone think I’m digging way back into some ancient archives the #10 items I’ve listed above only date back to July 2014)


Given the number of iOS users and the steep price they paid for their phone, I would have expected a coup or at least some grass-roots effort to hold Apple accountable for all these gaffs. But at the end of the day Apple just writes it off as ‘user error’. Eventually the Kool-Aide will wear off and iPhonians will realize they’d be better off tossing their app launchers into the trash and coming Back to Black!

(special thanks to web99 and Bigglybobblyboo for use of their posts)


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