BlackBerry OS 10.3????? Have a look for yourself…


According to site Zone BlackBerry they have had the chance to preview Os 10.3! Here’s the link to the original source

The site has included a review and even images. Enjoy!

advanced     screen 2

search    config

music playercamera

select toolscreen 1

picvoice asst


Now for those who don’t read Spanish I’ve translated for you down below! Yay.  

Something definitively great is on its way and thanks to an anonymous user we had access and were able to test out the Operating System in its version 10.3.0140, which you will be able to see in the following pictures contains a great quantity of changes, which personally have me very enthusiastic.

Review of new features:

  • Home screen grey background behind icons is gone, which may not be final.

“Intelligent Aid”:

  • Apparently BlackBerry doesn’t want to be left behind and is implementing an intelligent aid, which does not function properly in this version.

New design of keyboard and colors:

  • The design is slightly altered with a more minimalist style and the color theme is now red with white, and black and red.

Advanced Interaction:

  • Now implemented are characteristics for auto shut off of screen when phone is facing down or inside your battery to save battery.

Camera Characteristics:

  • Camera timer now added.
  • Panoramic option now implemented (works properly)
  • Option to record in 720p, 30 and 60 fps.
  • Capture button design is changed along with control orientation
  • HDR is now suggested when according to conditions it would be the better option.
  • Smart search
  • Change in design in controls and buttons
  • Controls and buttons acquire a more finished and easier to look at design in efforts for a more minimalist style.

Reaction Speed considerably faster:

  • The system minimizes and maximizes applications almost instantly giving a more pleasurable navigation experience.
  • Without a doubt it’s a version full of changes but it is also very unstable, the Canadian phone maker is working very hard to give its loyal clients an Operating system with a completely renovated experience without losing its uniqueness. It’s expected for this build to be available very soon.
  • For now the version cannot be published because the condition of the user, who prefers to stay anonymous, was that we not publish it due to the instability of the software and that he himself could have consequences due to leaking. In spite of this we can do no more than be thankful and hope that this version sees the light of day very soon.

So here it is folks! My first post. Please feel free to express your opinions in the comments section.

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