If You Owned an Original PS3, Sony May Owe You Money

Original PS3 owners may be due a bit of a payday from PlayStation manufacturer, Sony.

If you are an early adopter gamer, go check your serial numbers. Sony is paying out after a change in model type resulted in a class action suit from their consumers.

Almost 12 years ago, Sony released the original PS3. It was a thick model, often referred to as “phat” and allowed users to install and run an alternate OS. The problem came when the streamlined the style and released a slim edition. The slim PS3 did not offer the alternate OS functionality, and caused a lot of grief for players that purchased the updated edition.

Fast forward to now, Sony has settled the class action lawsuit. The end result, gamers are winning just enough to feel vindicated and maybe buy a new game for their PS4s. There’s some legal jargon mixed in, but if you can prove you purchased a “phat” PS3, knew about the OS availability, and submit the claim form, you may be entitled to your take in the settlement: $65.

This is a nice little boost to that gaming budget. If you think you might qualify, read the eligibility and claim instructions.


Erica Davis

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