Oreo Arriving on KEYone?

It appears that the official update has begun.

We have been receiving reports that some users have begun to get the official Oreo update on their BlackBerry Mobile KEYone.

So far it seems that the rollout is occurring on the BBB100-4 version of the KEYone that was released in China. Of course, if this is the official rollout, then we should see other versions receiving the update soon.

Users that upgrade to Oreo will notice a few subtle differences in the phone. Notifications are improved, and how you view settings are a bit different. There are slight differences to how you answer the phone, and the how a phone call shows on screen when you’re multitasking. Picture in picture mode may just surprise you the first time you experience it. But with all the minor visual enhancements, and more under the hood enhancements, one of the most welcome enhancements is the update in emoji. Say goodbye to the little potato blobs, and hello to emoji that looks like what an emoji should look like. Admit it, that’s what we were all most excited for right?

Have you received a non-beta Oreo update to your BlackBerry KEYone? Let us know when you do!

KEYone Android Oreo 8.1 update (BBB100-4 China Version)

Posted by Blackberryclubs.com 黑莓會 #BBEliteWin on Tuesday, August 7, 2018


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