Opinion: Apple Takes a Mulligan


I had a very busy day today, and was not able to catch the news of the Apple event. Once I did get a chance to catch up on my news feeds, all the news seemed to be about the FBI and Apple. I could have easily just ignored it altogether, but UTB readers know me by now, so of course I had to go looking.

I would call myself a poor golfer. Anyone that has ever golfed with me would tell you I’m being very generous about my skill set. Let’s just say a birdie is a term I’ve never uttered. A mulligan on the other hand, is a pretty common occurrence. A mulligan is a do over. When you screw up a shot, and your opponent is generous enough to let you do it over? That’s a mulligan.

Apple performed a mulligan today.

A few short months ago, at Apple’s last release party, it was all about “bigger than big”. A bigger iPhone, and a bigger iPad, with minor upgrades over the previous generations. Something happened this time though. While Apple had amazing sales, the typical interest in the product just wasn’t there. iPad sales have continued to drop, and for the first time, Apple is expecting shrinking sales off the iPhone. While Apple has always seen iPhone users doing whatever they could to get the newest edition, we saw a lot of users choosing to stick with their current devices. There was a certain level of disinterest Apple had never tasted before. While there is no way anyone else in the mobile industry could see the iPhone 6 as a failure, for Apple, compared to past history, it surely was.


I think Apple fans and detractors alike would agree that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. While Apple has never been known for real innovation, they have always been able to bring excitement to their products. The direction that Apple has taken under Tim Cook’s watch, has become quite boring. I think it goes without saying that the most exciting thing that Apple has done under Tim Cook’s reign, is to go to battle with the US government. A very poor choice for how to garner attention.

Today, it seems that Apple may have given up on new ideas. Instead choosing to backtrack to what worked for them before. A new 4 inch phone that looks nearly identical to the iPhone 5? A return to a more manageable size of the iPad? And the best that you can really say about these new devices is that they include the tech that was included in the last group of new products?


Now BlackBerry, now as Apple is hacking away in the rough, it’s time to get that eagle. And you have just the platform to do it.


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  • Blackjack

    If they had only called it the iPhone Minus…..

    • Martin

      The iMinus :d

  • SipoKapumba

    It is going to be a while before Apple starts recording losses from declining sales of the iPhone and iPad. It will take another “killer” product or mobile OS to knock them off the leader board. They will continue to milk this gravy train until it runs dry. I wonder if they will ever suffer the BlackBerry fate, where, one day you are the darling and the next day you are not. But then, we have seen Nokia, a one time leader in the mobile phone market, closing shop. We have seen BlackBerry fall from the top to just about the bottom. So, it could happen to Apple, or, maybe not.

  • THBW

    Apple ran out of ideas about 3-4 years ago. They did have the luxury of market position, thus they could let other OEMs put out edgy products and assess their next move accordingly. Well those days are clearly done and without an advancement in technology or functionality, Apple is now in the zero-to-negative sum game with the Android OEMs. This is a value proposition scenario for the consumer and a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. At a presumed price of 450 USD for a 4 inch phone with specs 3 years old, Apple is going to find the slogging hard. You can buy an Android phone that is miles better at this price.


    Clearly Apple has peaked and now the long slow decline begins. When that company holds a launch party whose headline is;


    it quickly becomes apparent that the bloom is off the rose. The apple people, inarguably, know that the decline of the i-phone has begun, that their income is reliant upon sales of the i-phone and that they must come up with something to re-ignite sales of that phone.

    But the best they can come up with is a 4″ phone?

    ‘Welcome to 1999’ just does not set the market on fire. For their sake let’s hope that the sales of those new watch bands really take off!

    Own apple stock? It may be time to give that a second thought.

  • Anthony

    Apple introduced some kind of device management scheme for iPads in schools.

    BlackBerry should be doing this; managing faculty and student devices. Maybe they’ll target universities. locco_smiley_18