Opera Unveils Gaming Browser

Opera GX is a browser built for gamers.

E3 offered another great first as Opera unveiled the first browser built for gamers. Opera GX boasts several features made with gaming in mind.

Opera GX is a legitimate web browser that allows users to search and utilize the internet in all the normal ways. What it brings that others have not, is an integrated experience tailor-made for gamers. Several of these options are available on the custom sidebar.

The main feature is the CPU and RAM the browser can use to free up these resources for high-yield games. Users can set a GB limit for RAM, and even set it as a Hard Limit so the browser won’t exceed the setting. For CPU, users get the option of setting what percentage the processor can use.

One of the main partnerships in this browser is with Twitch. Through the Sidebar, Twitch users can see the people they follow and watch via a popout window while they continue browsing. This can be incredibly useful for keeping up with live streams while multi-tasking.

Other popular apps integrated into the sidebar include messengers like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Users can easily keep their conversations going without juggling several different app screens while in the browser. There are extensions to enhance the browsers functionality. The aesthetic is a dark theme with color accents that are changable to suit users preferences.

Speed Dial (on the Sidebar) sends users to a new tab that has several quick buttons, news updates, and a search bar. The news can be personalized so users only see what interests them.

One feature that is an interesting addon, the Snapshot button allows users to take a snap of whats on their screen. The snapshot can be moved and resized and seems easier to manipulate than the popular Snipping Tool in Windows. Once the Snapshot is taken, users can add stickers, text, even a selfie to the snap.

Opera GX appears to be a feature rich browser developed for serious gamers, but has many other applications for non-gamers also. This blog post was composed within Opera GX, and it may become the new default for my browsing activity. More developments are promised later this year.

Windows users can download Opera GX now!


Erica Davis

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