Opera Touch, A New Ergonomic Browser

There are a few new smart features in Opera’s new browser.

Opera has introduced a new browser, that takes a smarter approach to mobile browsing. This new browser, Opera Touch, was designed for one handed browsing, just as a smartphone app should be. There is also a great feature for those that move between desktop and phone.
The exciting new aspects of the browser can be described with two words. FAB and Flow.

What’s FAB about Opera Touch? The Fast Action Button. Yes, this isn’t about glitter or rhinestones, it’s about getting what the user needs easily and at thumb’s reach. The Fast Action Button is always at the bottom of the screen , and gives the user access to the most recent tabs and search features. Launch a search and start typing without ever reaching for the top of the screen.

Flow is for those that need to get up and go. I find this feature to be the most exciting. Flow, which can be accessed from the FAB on mobile, allows the user to share with themselves between devices. If you’re browsing using the Opera desktop browser, and wish to continue on your phone, you can simply scan a QR code with your phone and continue where you left off. Likewise, you can simply send web pages to your desktop from the FAB button on your phone. The connection between the browsers is end to end encrypted.

I’ve never been one to hop around between browsers. I’ll usually simply stick with what I’m used to. But Opera’s new FAB and Flow are additions I find very welcome, and will definitely be trying out both the desktop and mobile browsers.

You can grab the mobile app here


Opera Touch
Source: Opera


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