Opera Brings Free and Unlimited VPN to Android Browser

Who doesn’t like free and unlimited?

Many users like to use VPN’s. Perhaps to get services that they can’t get where they live, or perhaps for an added sense of privacy. Unfortunately, that sense of privacy may not have been that valid as it was found that many of the free VPN providers were actually monetizing customer data and traffic, or had shady connections to Chinese state actors. Now, Opera is offering an easy solution to those that may have felt betrayed by their VPN providers.

Opera, who previously offered it’s own VPN service, has now added a VPN to it’s own Android browser. The VPN will not require users to sign in or have an count, ad according to the company does not log “activity of data”, stating that they have other, unrelated methods of monetization. The best part for users? The VPN service is totally free, and unlimited.

The latest update which brings the free VPN services is already available for some on the Google Play Store and will be rolling out worldwide.

Source: Venture Beat


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