Oops… I did it again!

Everybody at my office knows I like BlackBerry. No, wait… they all know I LOVE BlackBerry products and services! Yeah… that’s more accurate. I’m a fan… I admit it… I’ve been a fan for years, and I’m proud as Heck to show off my Z30 anytime, anywhere! HUB, BBM, BBM Channels, apps, hardware, software… it’s all awesome! But then you know that…

I’ve promoted BlackBerry handsets at our office often of course. So… ten days ago I was presented with an offer I just couldn’t refuse. Unlocked BB10 handsets and accessories at excellent prices? Oh yeah, sign me up!



Knowing 5 people at our office that were either ready for a new contract, or just pissed off at their existing handset (Hello Samsung), I went into sales mode. When I offered one co-worker a Z30 he jumped on it immediately. He knew a fair amount about it and follows me on twitter. So I bought two! I bought two Z30s, two Transform cases, and two MP2100 battery packs. But what was I going to do with the second Z30? I already had one! Hmmm…

When the shipment came my buddy at the office and I spent 30 minutes of quality time setting up his new pride and joy Z30. Replacing that Samsung was joyous and fun. He hated that thing. We had a laugh with a BBM video call, using the gestures, trying the audio etc. And the look on his face when he saw and understood the HUB… priceless… awesome. I proceeded to get Snap on his phone. The grin on his face was wide I must say. He BBM’d me later to thank me. Yay!

Two days later, another co-worker wanted the other one. He had a Torch 9800 and was 3 months away from contract renewal. Again I had a great time setting up his new Z30. So much for my backup plan of giving it to my son for an upgrade! He was so pleased with the incredible browser, and his first use of BlackBerry Maps was flawless. Another extremely happy new BB10 user… perfect.

So… a very tiny addition to our ranks I admit, but it was interesting and fun helping two co-workers/friends get an upgrade. Interestingly, they are both with Bell. One person just got a free microsim, and the other store punched/cut his existing sim and works perfectly.

Yup… did it again… The other three will come around next time…

Oh… the Britney Spears thing is a running joke in our office. I use “Downloading Britney Spears videos” as part of what happens to VOIP calls when sharing an internet pipe with voice and data but without Qos. OK… that’s another post for the geek among us.

What’s the point? The point is that two people that I know/work with every day “just wanted one”.  Maybe it’s the start of media outlets being positive. Maybe it’s my vocal ability. Maybe… It’s just that good!

Dave says… It’s just that good!


Dave Matthews here. I'm a phone guy by trade supplying VOIP systems for business and industry. BlackBerry devices, playing PRS guitars in my band, golf, and RC flight are my current passions.