Oops! Android Tablets Are Back

The sudden disappearance is blamed on a bug.

And they’re back! It was just two days ago that we reported that the tablet section of the official Android website, had disappeared https://utbblogs.com/google-quietly-drops-android-tablets/ . While many reported on the loss, no one seemed to be really surprised by the removal. After all, it’s not a large segment, and there is really no need to develop for tablets in a different way than for smartphones. However, the absence seems to have been a simple mistake instead of a look into the plans of Google.

Google’s Senior Vice President of Platforms and Ecosystems Hiroshi Lockheimer took to Twitter to explain the removal as a simple bug in the update of the site. It would certainly have been an odd bug, as it’s not just that the category had been removed from the menu, but utilizing the former permalink didn’t take you to the hidden page, but instead redirected the user back to the Android home page.

The bug has since been corrected and the same tablet page that was there before is back. Showing the same old three tablets and not showing anything even remotely new. While it may have been an accident that the tablet section was removed, it sure doesn’t appear that tablets are any sort of priority for Google.


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