Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Buys in on BlackBerry

A vote of confidence in the BlackBerry by one of Canada’s largest pension funds.

The Securities and Exchange Commission reported that in the first quarter, the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan made a large purchase of BlackBerry shares. The fund purchased 10,395,218 shares worth $ 119,413,000. This is a considerable amount of investment and a big vote of confidence in the BlackBerry company.

Following the acquisition of the shares, the percentage of BlackBerry shares in total fund investments stands at 1.8%, the sixth largest holding of the fund, and the fund currently holds 1.94% of the BlackBerry company, certainly a significant percentage relative to other shareholders of the company.

In a report on the Stock News Times website, more organizations are reported to have purchased BlackBerry shares in the first quarter:

The Tennessee Treasury purchased shares worth $ 4,363,000 million
Fiera Capital bought shares valued at $ 14,263,000
Oppenheimer Fund purchased shares valued at $ 46,007,000

The BlackBerry stock is in good shape and is very stable. The market has expressed confidence in the processes that Blackberry performs and believes that the investments will generate a lot of profits.



Roy Shpitalnik

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