Online Privacy and Security: Why we need BlackBerry more than ever!


Android’s patchwork approach to security

Android was heavily promoted as an open source project with the “benevolent” guidance of Google with enticement of a legion of developers happily creating the ecosystem of applications. If I am personally allowed to stretch my imagination, the reason for its success can easily be attributed to the executives creaming with the idea of data mining, loading up bloatware and apps from “affiliated companies” by opening up the doors for mass surveillance. Factor in aggressive carrier subsidies, aggressive in store promotion with hefty commissions and of course the media charade of “flagship” phones, you have a recipe for a winner platform.

Security is something that came to Android as an afterthought, if at all. It is apparent that “Stage-Fright” is one of the worst examples of Android exploitation to hit out in the news in recent times (and still not patched properly!). As noted previously here in these blog posts, no one is willing to take the responsibility. Interestingly, mainstream press seems to have a short term memory loss of its own. After making the precautionary noises till they heard from there “benevolent masters”, they cowered down and wrote the usual gibberish about Google having the Android users back. Laughable indeed! Google is the evil.

My appeal to all Android users– please do not to live in a denial mode. For example, you don’t teach your child to steal because you know that the consequences of harsh punishments that law enforcement gives out. Similarly, when you go out on vacation, you don’t leave your windows open while keeping your main door locked to avoid thieves getting in or risk you precious house burgled. The implications of high risk behaviour like drugs are well known and people have their lives messed up. When these vulnerabilities are exposed, it means that your chosen platform is insecure. Why do we become so callous when it comes to choosing a safe mobile platform for our daily communication needs?

Why label it as paranoia?

Even if these software vulnerabilities reported are in the lab, they are good enough indicators that the platform is insecure. They might be “patched”; they might be updated and released by your carriers (in ideal case scenario) but is it good enough? We do know that real life doesn’t work that ways. If Google, Samsung and host of assorted manufacturers cannot ensure safety from most basic issues like hijacking of your device by a simple text message, how can you assume that other vulnerabilities, not yet reported, are not going to be as severe? You must be utterly stupid to believe that Google has noble intentions.

We all work to minimise the potential risks to avoid harm to us or our families. We teach our children to stay away from drugs. We push them to do well in school and education. Similarly, why not adopt a mobile system that ensures an overall envelope of safety and security?

BlackBerry has your back, my dear readers. It is the ONLY company that’s dedicated to user privacy and security because its major chunk of revenues comes from enterprises by selling DIVERSIFIED software (for example, mobile device management) and through in-app purchases in BlackBerry Messenger. It doesn’t deal with collection of user profiles to harvest that information for nefarious uses.

Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the host of social networks are names for the mass surveillance systems. Period. The tools offered by them are ONLY for snooping and data aggregation.

Try BlackBerry 10, one of the most superlative operating systems designed on the face of this planet built and customised to bring the user in the centre. It’s engineered and designed from ground up to optimise your work flow and enhance your productivity manifold.



BlackBerry Forever!

  • Anthony

    The things I do with my Passport I wouldn’t trust to Android or iOS or Windows. locco_smiley_7

    It looks like Windows 10 is, by “out o the box”, a data miner.

    • Anthony

      …Windows 10 is, “out of the box”, a data miner…

      Why can’t we edit our posts to fix typos? locco_smiley_7