OnePlus Buyers Finding Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

OnePlus shuts down credit card payments.

Over the weekend, people began to notice fraudulent charges on their credit cards. This group of people were customers of OnePlus’s online store. As reports rolled in, OnePlus reacted quickly and have temporarily shut down credit card payments on their site.

OnePlus phones are sold exclusively through it’s online store, and it seems that purchaser’s credit card information has been compromised. Users who purchased utilizing PayPal are safe, and this purchase option is still currently available on the site. The company willingly shutting down the main avenue for purchases should show just how serious the problem is, and how serious the company is taking the situation.

OnePlus has issued a statement that they are investigating these claims. The company is assuring buyers that none of their personal information is saved on the site, with purchases being handled directly through their PCI-DSS compliant payment processing partner. OnePlus promises to update users through the above statement as they continue their investigation. While OnePlus is one of the more popular Android phone makers, offering high specs at affordably prices, the company has suffered some recent poor headlines with software back doors being found in the phones, and now purchasers finding themselves victims of credit card fraud.

If you have made any purchases through, you should be sure to check your credit card statements for any fraudulent transactions.


Source: TechRadar


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