OnePlus Ads for Morons, and I Approve

OnePlus has some new adverts, and they’re like nothing you’d expect.

“This man is a moron” starts one of the new video ads from OnePlus, and then proceeds to show a comparison test between phones you’d never expect. We’ve all seen our fair share of comparisons, so-called extreme drop tests, and more. Some hope to test real world scenarios, other’s just seem to be a test of how much a phone can take. OnePlus takes a different route.

First of all, I don’t see how either of the following videos could even come close to testing anything about the phones. Instead it seems more like the company is sad that they weren’t able to get product placement on the old Jackass series.

OnePlus has a lot of fans out there. I’m not one of them. I understand their cheap, I understand they have great specs, but they just look boring to me. They look generic. I don’t see anything exciting about them. And let’s not even talk about this year’s security concerns. I’ve got to admit though, these commercials are funny. They show show a very odd, and possible worrisome, sense of humor. While I can’t say I appreciate the phones, I surely appreciate these ads.

What do you think?


via Android Authority


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