One More BlackBerry-designed Phone May Be On The Way

Chen is currently testing a prototype of a new phone designed in-house

In a round-table discussion with reporters at BlackBerry’s Waterloo headquarters, Chen let reporters know that BlackBerry may release one more BlackBerry-designed phone. Obviously, work on the phone started well before the recent announcement, and has reached the point where they have a functioning prototype. It appears it has a physical keyboard too. Chen is currently testing it. As he said:

The one with the keyboard, I guess it’s kind of resting in my office… I’m testing it right now,

There was no mention of which OS it runs. He did say that some carriers had seen the device, and that he was waiting for those carriers to get back to him with a business case before he decides whether to release the device or not.

We’re not making any announcement of whether there is one or isn’t one. There exists in this world one,

We’ll go from there, we’ll make a decision from there,

The part that I found most interesting, is this statement:

I guess if I decided to go ahead with the phone, then that might be the last BlackBerry-designed phone in terms of hardware,

So after the Dtek60 and this prototype phone, there might be more BlackBerry-designed phones ? Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue. Perhaps he’s just being cautious not to close any doors permanently — as the old adage goes: “never say never”. That would be the smart thing to do, given how uncertain the future of the industry is.

Now all this may come as a surprise to some people. But keep in mind, while BlackBerry did say they were going to stop designing phone hardware in house, they never said they would stop it immediately. In fact, the plan is to stop designing phone hardware in-house by the end of the fiscal year, which is February 28, 2017.

In the meantime, as BlackBerry fans, your best bet is to be patient and, of course, let BlackBerry and Chen know that you want them to release more phones. :-)

Source: The Financial Post


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  • Anthony

    If John Chen is relying on carriers to “okay” the device we’ll never see it. Carriers bend over for Apple and Samsung.

    Make it BB10 and launch it on, Amazon, Staples, etc.

    BB10 is BlackBerry’s OS. Find a way to make it successful without carriers.

    • Poita316

      If it runs BB10 I’m willing to wait for the official word weather it will be released. On your point on selling it via or other sites, you eliminate buyers who want to purchase it on contract. I love my BlackBerry, but dropping €750 on a device is a lot. If retailers won’t sell it you loose potential buyers. Btw, is more expensive than several retail sites here.
      Hope Chen will dazzle us with a Passport / Classic hybrid on steroids.

      • Anthony

        Buying devices on contract is definitely one of the best ways to get a device.

        BlackBerry could devise a simple financing arrangement with credit card companies to make it a quick and fast process to purchase the smartphone with a monthly payment plan.

        When I “checkout”, a monthly payment plan is right there as one option.

        • deltact

          Or offer it “on consignment” to the carriers because they don’t want to take the risk. The reality is that if you’re going to stick with a carrier for a couple of years you might as well get a subsidized phone because it’s cheaper.

          As for the phone, well, it could be the Mercury.

  • all bb10 fans want one last run of #BB10,

  • nah! We’d all LOVE to see BlackBerry prosper with the best OS around: BlackBerry10!