Oh No! The iPhone 6S Will Have A ‘Weaker Battery’!

iphone low battery

You’ve got to laugh or you’d cry…

In survey after survey one of the main things iPhonians want is a battery that lasts anywhere near as long as anyone else’s. Or over a couple of hours or so. That would be nice too. But that would impinge on the reason they gag for one and Apple’s insane profit margins, so Uncle Jony and Uncle Tim have come up with a better idea.

Make it worse!

Yes, my friends, Apple have outdone themselves yet again. Rather than give their customers what they want they are banking on the brand being enough for what they need. In this they might be right but by God it’s all getting a bit shameless now, isn’t it? Here’s the Telegraph to explain:

‘According to China’s cnBeta, the iPhone 6s will feature a 1715 mAh battery and the 6s Plus a 2750 mAh battery – a decrease of 5.3 per cent and 5.5 per cent capacity respectively from the current models’ 1810 mAh and 2910 mAh.’

Aha! But the excuse is ready! Apple have danced around some open flames, chucked some bones on the ground, uttered some mumbo jumbo and…

‘Apple has made a point of how new operating system iOS 9 will be more energy efficient than iOS 8, including a new Low Power mode and new updates adding around an hour to battery life.’


Seriously guys, how long are you going to be taken in by these cheap lies?

It really isn’t hard, you know…

Rather than wasting your money on being disappointed by a company who seems to revel in finding a new low you’ll lap up, why not find out what it’s like at the other end of the spectrum?

Yep, come on home.


Makes an awful lot more sense than being Tim and Jony’s cash cow to be milked at will…


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  • KING_Kia

    All Apple Have Left Is Hotel California!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Blackjack

      Really? That’s about to become a blog – thanks!

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    Low power mode? Isn’t that the one where you can save energy by turning off all your radios and not using any apps?

    • Robert

      Low power mode is when it shuts off. locco_smiley_1

  • jrohland

    What is bendle’s brilliant solution to pathetic battery life? Take an already useless toy and make it do less. They should do the sheeple a huge favor and sell them a box with nothing in it. Then they can get a BlackBerry which does actual stuff.

    • Chaplain_Clancy

      However if the users complain, Apple will just tell them they’re using it wrong. Hmm, using nothing wrong? Must be a BlackBerry after all.

  • BB Racer !!

    yikes the 1700 battery in the 6S is smaller then the 5S remember that over priced phone …lol

  • Anthony

    What they didn’t mention is “low power mode” kicks-in at 50% charge. locco_smiley_32

    • Robert

      Extra Low Power Sleep Mode kicks in at 48%. locco_smiley_36

  • fishlove73