Oh Look, Telegram Went Down Again.

And I didn’t even notice.

It seems Telegram suffered yet another major outage yesterday. Oddly enough, I didn’t even notice. Of course, I’m not a Telegram user, so it’s not as if I would have suffered from an outage. But this is still rather odd, as with the prior outages, I heard numerous complaints from friends. This time, not even a peep. I only just found out about it as in my Twitter feed responded to a tweet about it.

According to the unreliable chat app’s Twitter account, the service went down in Europe, the Middle East and CIS countries. With many of the former Soviet states losing access, many thought that this was a result of Russia’s threats to suspend the service. Luckily, I suppose, that was not the case. It was just another case of Telegram failing. Once again, it was another case of a power outage at a Telegram server. This is, of course, the same cause of the multiple prior global outages we have seen over the last year.

Three hours after the announcement of the outage, the service began to function once again, for at least Western Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Five hours after the start of the outage, Telegram was still working to fix specific user problems getting back online.

One must really wonder about the reliability of a messenger application that has to take to Twitter to send messages to it’s users.

I’ll admit, I don’t mind if some apps aren’t reliable. A game here, or a sound effect there, there’s no real need for them to always be available. A messenger? That has to be reliable. And that’s why you won’t find me on Telegram. If you need to reach me, you’ll find me on BBM, and there won’t be a problem getting a message to me.



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