Oh, John…

Oh John...
John Did A Bad Thing…

Well, John, well done. Well done indeed.

You’ve played a blinder.

Got the offer out, mollified the BlackBerry irritants and still got the result you wanted.

All those legacy BlackBerry’s changed to other platforms.

No point now in crying over lack of POS (did you have BB10 promo front and centre in store – of course not) or lack of floor sales knowledge (did they get a crash course on BB10 so they could help legacy users upgrade, of course not).

And were there BB10 display models out for all to try?

Well, it’s all in the past now, isn’t it and you have your win!

And, even better, you played us all on the 15 x trade thing!

Great stuff…

Except that feeling of satisfaction is, I’m afraid, going to be a rather short term thing.

You see, we have VERY long memories, and in the long term we BlackBerrians won’t forget.

You’ve obviously never heard the term ‘Don’t kick a man on the way down as you don’t know when he’ll be coming back up again.’

BlackBerry is on it’s way back up again, John. And you’ve just rather badly miscalculated.


Is just one starter for 10…


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