Oh John…

Dear John,

I had to write you another letter. It seems things haven’t been getting better for you as I had hoped. I read a post today that it appears the future of the company that you’re running is in question.

It seems your little magenta carrier has lost money 5 out of the last 6 quarters! Oh John! And we thought getting kicked out of parties was nasty enough!

And it looks like your parent company has lost faith as well. Deutsche Telekom, your bosses, seem to think that your business model is not sustainable. It looks like your only real hope is a merger. Too bad Sprint didn’t find you worth the effort it would have taken to merge! Perhaps get a haircut before your next date with a potential suitor?


Competing against the big boys must be hard! Deutsche Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges said that in order to compete, T-Mobile must invest $4 to $5 billion each year! And combine that with the promotions you need to run to get customers, well, I’m starting to understand why I see you in that same magenta t-shirt all the time.

John, if you really want to take your company and compete with the bigger carriers and become profitable, perhaps you should find yourself a mentor? Someone who is doing just that?


I know just the person! John Chen! CEO of BlackBerry, who has righted the sinking ship and is breaking waves at full speed! Oh wait. That won’t work. You just had to go and create friction there didn’t you?

Just imagine if you hadn’t. Imagine if you had chose instead to be the one carrier to support BlackBerry! Imagine all those sold out Passports from ShopBlackBerry and Amazon! Imagine if those were your sales.

Now John, I’m not saying things would have been different. But don’t you think they would have? Quite possibly John, quite possibly.

Well, if this doesn’t work out, maybe the mother company will scoop you up and place you in a nice office there.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been outspoken in criticizing his larger competitors, but Höttges said that Legere’s “management style will never be adaptable to Germany,” where Deutsche Telekom is based.

Oh… nevermind. Good luck John.


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