Official Trailer for Netflix’s The Open House

You can’t lock out what’s already inside.

Netflix has been bringing some amazing original content to the small screen. From new episodes of Black Mirror to the incredible Stranger Things, Netflix is bringing creepy back. Their newest addition, The Open House, looks to be carrying the trend.

The Netflix original movie sees a mother and son who are staying at a place in the woods, recovering after the death of the patriarch of the family. But there is one catch with the house they are staying at, it’s for sale. Every Sunday, there is an open house and the duo must leave the house during that time. But it looks like someone stayed after the open house, and that does not bode well for mom and son.

The trailer shows a variety of different characters from the movie, and you’re left wondering who it is that’s hiding in the house, awaiting their return. Or what if it’s none of them? What if it’s something supernatural? The trailer certainly leaves that opportunity open. I’m hoping for another Netflix home run, and I will surely be watching.

The Open House will begin streaming on Netflix January 19th.


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