Official Statement from BlackBerry your device always has and always will be secure


BlackBerry has now released an official statement on inside BlackBerry as to the recent misinformation that has been reported by several news agencies. Chen actually replied to the allegations himself in a public statementIt can be found here on Inside BlackBerry .

He reiterates how the media (some of them) are once again dragging old falsely manipulated allegations to the forefront.

This also comes just before Apple tries once again to make headlines with their views on the the rights of law enforcement and the publics right to protect themselves. Apple is of the opinion that that rights of terrorists to access encryption overshadows the normal citizens right to safety and will be taking that fight to Congress.  Congress is trying to place  serious restrictions on encryption due to Apples lack of cooperation with law enforcement and court orders. Apple presents their case tomorrow.


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  • bambinoitaliano

    I’m quoting John Chen here “For BlackBerry, there is a balance between doing what’s right, such as helping to apprehend criminals, and preventing government abuse of invading citizen’s privacy”. This is what the masses do not get. The mentality of either or. The you are either with us or against us thinking. People get complacent and lazy thinking all they have to do is to be on one side and they can sleep soundly at night. It does not work that way. The security and privacy goes beyond a phone company to a larger community of a political system that are both influence by corporations and communities. Enabling a large corporation or government to make the decision for our community require checks and balances. What BlackBerry does and has always done is to comply with the law of the nations. They are not your elected official responsible for keeping an eye on you or shielding them from the prying eye of government. That is the job of a citizen. What the company does is to make the safest phone it can. The rest of the responsibilities is on you and the government you elected.

  • nnik

    Exactly Bambi