Official Genuine BlackBerry Z10 Charging Dock Available On Ebay

Very nice!
Very nice!

We had a tip off the other day, took the plunge and ordered 2 of these little beauties and they arrived today.

They’re so beautiful we thought we should share them with you!

Proper BlackBerry build quality, complete with HDMI port it really does make you wonder where they’ve been and why on earth BlackBerry don’t sell them direct. It really is the accessory BlackBerry Z10 owners have been crying out for.

Official BB Instructions
Official BB Instructions

Anyway, in the meantime, if you are in the UK we got these from these vendors here at just £9.90 each Ebay, if you are outside the UK these vendors do ship worldwide but you could also have a go at typing in Z10 Charging Dock into Ebay and see what you can find.

As always, we can’t vouch for any vendor but the ones we’ve got here are the genuine article.

Now, where’s that Z30 dock??!!


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