Official BlackBerry Priv Video on YouTube

wpid-blackberry-logo.jpgBlackBerry has thrown up an official video on YouTube of the Priv. It’s such a controversial device for BlackBerrians and introduced during the turnaround that Chen is engineering; this is really an exciting time. Everyone has their opinion on the Priv, some hardcore Berry fans hate it, others embrace it and say they will buy one, while still more love the hardware but are waiting for a BB10 variant. There have already been rumors floating around that there will be a BB10 version forthcoming. I am in the latter camp; I know why Chen introduced the device running Android and am hopeful that this will keep the device division alive and bring in some revenue and device sales numbers to pacify the street while getting the BlackBerry brand into the hands of more and new customers. I also hope Chen continues to develop BB10 despite some of the evidence to the contrary and that consumers have a choice down the road, or at least that BB10 is available to fans online via

priv_1There’s a ton that could be and has been, written about the Priv, like just how secure will it be, and whether it will have good take up in the enterprise space, particularly in regulated industries and governments where security is a premium. How sales of the Android powered Priv will impact the future of BB10, and whether or not you like the name “Priv” are also debatable, etc., etc. This post however is just a quick introduction to BlackBerry’s official video.

Notice the three Android(ish) buttons at the bottom of the glass, and how one appears to activate the HUB (which looks like the normal BB10 version thank God), and how another activates the Google Play services. I love the haptic keyboard feature, as found on the Passport, and would love to have this feature on my Classic as you can see from the video, you’re able to swipe up to select word predictions and I suspect, swipe backwards to delete, which is something I would love to be able to do on my Classic. I think the device is going to generate buzz like the Passport did, only in far greater magnitude. I think it will sell like hotcakes. It’s going to be picked up and handled in all the stores, and as soon as those Androidians try the keyboard with all those features, they’re gonna want it bad.

chenSo check out the video and let us know what you think!!! And remember: NEVER FEAR, CHEN IS HERE!!!

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