It’s Official, Apple Users are the Definition of Sheeple

Merriam-Webster utilizes Apple users as an example of “Sheeple”

Admit it. You’ve done it. You may be ashamed of it. Or even proud of it. But at some point, perhaps even multiple points, you’ve called iPhone users “sheeple”. I’ve done it. I’m not proud of it. But it surely wasn’t a one time thing. But I’m ashamed. Really now, why would I use such a word? I mean, it’s not even a real word!

Except now it is.

Merriam-Webster has decided to add the word to their dictionary. They even tweeted about it.

The sheeple definition is : “people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced : people likened to sheep”. Yes… yes that is a pretty on point definition. But the humorous portion comes in the examples of the word. Well, it will be humorous if you’re not an Apple user. The example speaks of the “ungainly lumpy” battery case that we saw introduced for the “juice-sucking iPhone” not too long ago. Well, you can see for yourself below.

Well, look at that. It is a real word now. Thanks Merriam-Webster.

I’m not ashamed of using that word anymore.

You can visit the definition yourself here


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  • I’ve never been ashamed; the word is a spot-on description. If anything, Sheep are more independent than Apple fans, who generally follow that company like rodents followed the Pied Piper.

  • Gabriel

    Nice to see it come to the dictionary while rocking my bb10 and blackdroid!

  • Prem_Watsapp


    … the more specifically minted equivalent for mindless Apple users (guess what, there are aware ones!) in my dictionary is iSheep… ;-D

    (Ironically while I’m typing this on an iPad mini2 – yes, the one without fingerprint reader!)