Nursing and Smartphones

Nurses are at the core of quality healthcare delivery due to their direct interface with patients. Like so many of us they rely on their smartphone to work efficiently and tie into other key members of their team (doctors, pharmacists, radiology, etc). Unfortunately, the IT infrastructure at most hospitals do not support the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) model.

This conscious oversight¬†is not only costly and inefficient, it may actually put patients’ lives at risk as evidenced by a physician’s blog earlier this month. In addition to the costs and risks there may be security issues due to the sensitive nature of personal health information which is strictly governed by Federal law (HIPAA).

Bottom line, the healthcare industry grossly underestimates the benefits of mobile device management/enterprise mobility management and stands to capitalize on cost containment, patient safety, and most of all the goodwill conveyed by supporting an efficient patient-centric work environment.



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