Now That The FBI Has Unlocked The iPhone…

What are we going to see?

Tim Cook has been made to look a little silly over all this and the ‘We won’t unlock it because of our customers privacy and security could be at stake’ stand has undoubtedly left at least a few iPhone/Apple users thinking about security… Surely?


After all, Apple did say it couldn’t be done, at least by themselves, although to be fair they didn’t say someone else could do it did they?

Will Apple take the FBI to court now to demand they give details on how the phone was unlocked? Will they want the perpetrators to face criminal charges for hacking? Will we see an apology from Apple for there being a back door that others can use which they didn’t know about? Will we see Apple saying that they won the fight against the FBI as they stood their ground and didn’t unlock the phone in question?

I really can’t see that Apple can say this was a win, can you? Their stock price has been steadily dropping since the news, has the stock market woken up to the news and the sensible ones seen the floor in Apples security stand?


Many websites that were standing by Apple and saying things like ‘Any backdoor accessible to law enforcement can and also would be used by a hacker for any number of nefarious reasons.’ must now see that the back door is there, it’s always been there – after all, who can’t ‘Jailbreak’ an iPhone? Look at all the times in the last 12 months Apple have been hit.

There is only one secure way, the BlackBerry way, with BB10 tied down and a way in (if needed) by law enforcement agencies (and yet no way for hackers to get in!) as well as Android being fixed (it seems) every five minutes on the BlackBerry Priv everyone must soon be asking the question ‘Why can’t (Insert name here) do it?’

So, yet again BlackBerry have the winning solution, whether it be BB10 or BBAndroid…

There’s only one way…

The BlackBerry way!

Reverend Grim

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