Now for something happy!

Look how far BlackBerry has come in the past 2 years! From a company with aging devices that were good but nobody wanted to use them anymore. To now, a company that has built the best mobile device available today!
This is something to be excited about! Imagine the next 2 years! What do you think will appear? we have already been surprised several times in the past 6 months alone!
Will there be a new tablet? Maybe we’ll finally be able to use one bbid across several devices? Let your imagination run wild!


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  • veeru789

    Same BlackBerry ID on multiple devices is something I would definitely welcome. But going forward in want to see much more

    1. Dumb screens all over while the computing power stays on my hip.
    2. House, car, office entry all running QNX and can be managed my BB10 device using NOC
    3. BlackBerry back in black
    4. Health care industry domination
    And so on….

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Perhaps this is the purpose of QNX cloud. For some odd reason I am starting to see where Dashboard and Fuse will come into play…

  • SipoKapumba

    I wish BlackBerry could design some “sexy” looking phones, to go with this wonderful OS 10. Looks matter in the consumer device business. As a fan, I fell in love with BlackBerry, starting with the 8820, because it was an awesome communication device. When I chose, in 2010, to upgrade to a 9800, someone tried to persuade me to go Android, but I refused, I just wanted the bigger screen on the 9800, plus the new OS 10. I skipped the 9810 because it was not so different from my 9800. My current device is a Z10, with an even bigger screen and latest OS. Admittedly, design wise, it is not an award winner, neither is the Z30, nor is the Z3. But in terms of functionality, I love my Z10. My only regret is that it has no FM radio. So, I wish BlackBerry could design an award winning phone, something that people will aspire to have, for its great appeal and functionality, without imitating the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone.

    • SipoKapumba

      Correction: Of course, the 9800 had OS 6 and not OS10, but it was quite an upgrade from OS 4 in the 9800.

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Hey Sipo :D

      I’m curious as to what you would do to make the z30 sexy? I have the z10 and it’s “cute” but the black z30 with glass weave is beautiful.

      • SipoKapumba

        MePiikan LzBolaz, I think BlackBerry and Foxxcon have done well with the Z3 design. It looks better than the Z30 in my view, but I would like the volume rocker to be on the right side and not the left. So, if we can have a further improvement on the Z3 design for the next iteration of the Z30, that would be brilliant. I am waiting for the Z30 upgrade because I am into high spec phones.

    • Hey SipoKapumba. I think there was a span of a few years when BB was behind on the consumer front, e.g. big, all touch screen, efficient web browser, big app world, etc, but that time has passed. I think right now, BB10.2 offers the “best of both worlds,” security, productivity, messaging, etc and all the consumer stuff.

      I really think BB just needs some clever, aggressive marketing to get the word out and that then, people “aspire to have” BB devices. I think the Z30 is the best smartphone on the market. Anyway- my 2 cents. We’ll get there.

      • SipoKapumba

        James, I totally agree with you. OS 10 is brilliant and I love it, but in terms of phone design, the Z30 cannot be compared to the HTC One M8, for example. The only reason why I didn’t buy a Z30 is that I found it rather bland … just a scaled up version of the Z10, with a faster processor, better antenna and better sound, but not as cute as the HTC One. When is the last time BlackBerry won an award for design? That is the point. We need beautiful phones to go with the brilliant OS 10. Even if BlackBerry focuses on the “prosumer” market, they still need to put out good looking phones.

        • Ah Sipo. If you mean aesthetics, I cannot argue. I think my Q10 looks the best out of that, the Z10 or Z30. But, you may have something; the Z3 is a very cool looking phone. Maybe something BB should consider. Aesthetics can never be ignored.

    • Omnitech

      I actually think the Z10 is pretty good looking, at least for my taste. (And I’m not particularly easy to please in that respect, generally.)

      Whereas I’m not much a fan of the Z30, with that light-colored bottom piece, among other things.

      To each their own, of course. And then once you put it in a case, a lot of those distinctions become moot anyway. ;)

  • motshubane

    South Africa could do with more news like this most of us use BlackBerry legacy because of the cool BIS service though I have both legacy and BlackBerry10 devices I love em both. Let BlackBerry prosper and retain its rightful place as the brand to have.

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Nothing but BlackBerry love here at UTB and the occasional “unreported news” being made known.

      Spread the word.

    • SipoKapumba

      motshubane, you are right. The abandonment of BIS might not have been a great idea for BlackBerry. Some of its loss of guaranteed BlackBerry revenue is due to the fact that BlackBerry 10 does not support BIS. They should find a way of bringing it back, as an option, for those that want it on BlackBerry 10.

  • nnik

    I really need to say that beauty is definitely individual…. otherwise we’d all be married to brown eyed brunettes. I use a Z30, but in the looks department the Z10 has all other phones beat by far. But again, that’s my opinion.

    • SipoKapumba

      True nnik. Nice way to settle this debate.

  • Vorkosigan

    Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I have a strange attraction to the Windemere – I like the version with the square top corners. :)

    I’d love to see BBM on my desktop too.

    I’ve been happy with the way BlackBerry hasn’t let anything stop it. I feel like they’ve been picking up steam the past few months. Of course I would have rather Bb10 was an instant hit, but realistically it was always going to be a marathon, not a sprint. And I’m ok with that.