Does the November update cause battery drain?

I know a lot of BlackBerry users who are complaining about not getting the latest security update for November 2017. Now we know why you haven’t received the November update. There have been complaints about the update made by other Android users.

In Reddit forums you will find variety of Android users, from Pixel to Samsung and Chinese vendors that are complaining about their Battery performance after the latest November update.  The bug seems to cause 30% to 90% more than usual battery drain.

The report on Android Authority claims that most users say the battery drain happens when they are connected to WiFi. This must have something to do with the bug.

I haven’t heard anything until now from BlackBerry Android users who’ve already updated their devices to November security update.  We know that our Android devices are pretty amazing when it comes to the battery life, at least on the KEYone and Motion.

Have you noticed a change in battery life? If so, send us pictures and share in the comment below


Roy Shpitalnik

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