Does the November update cause battery drain?

I know a lot of BlackBerry users who are complaining about not getting the latest security update for November 2017. Now we know why you haven’t received the November update. There have been complaints about the update made by other Android users.

In Reddit forums you will find variety of Android users, from Pixel to Samsung and Chinese vendors that are complaining about their Battery performance after the latest November update.  The bug seems to cause 30% to 90% more than usual battery drain.

The report on Android Authority claims that most users say the battery drain happens when they are connected to WiFi. This must have something to do with the bug.

I haven’t heard anything until now from BlackBerry Android users who’ve already updated their devices to November security update.  We know that our Android devices are pretty amazing when it comes to the battery life, at least on the KEYone and Motion.

Have you noticed a change in battery life? If so, send us pictures and share in the comment below


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  • alan510

    I can’t say I have noticed a difference. The update for my KEYone automatically downloaded last evening so perhaps I haven’t given it enough time to evaluate if there is any excessive draining. But nothing unusual to this point. Having said that, there’s still no update for my Priv. Any idea what’s going on with that?

  • Fahed Al Derbi

    My BlackBerry Motion is November security patch level but I didn’t notice any decline in battery life

    • Roy shpitalnik

      keep us update

  • eliashan

    My KEYone has had significantly lower battery life throughout November. The last 3-4 weeks in a row have been the only time since I got the phone in July that it won’t last until the night (sometimes not even half a day if I have a busy schedule and I’m mobile all morning). But in my case it can’t be related to the November patch, it must be another issue specific to my setup (maybe a bad app). I’m on build AAQ302 (patch level October 5th).

  • John Batchelor

    I think I need to be educated. Do security patches for blackdroid come from BB or Google. I thought they came from BB since so many previous posts talked about BB taking care of issues quicker then Goggle. But I gues I am wrong.

    • Roy shpitalnik

      The Security update is coming from Google, but BlackBerry decide if to roll them to their devices and if they want to add more patches to the update

  • Jeremy

    Battery life on Motion is nothing short of amazing… I’m on November update and get more than 2 days.

  • Jeremy

    Wife has key1 and her battery hasn’t changed

  • David Capparelli

    Yes, i have noticed a significant battery drain since the november update. I have a KEYone. My typical work day (weekdays) pattern is always the same. I have my phone set to a “do not disturb” profile. From time to time i will check for messages but i don’t do any social media while at work. I start my day at 6am and when i leave work @430pm my battery used to be in the low/mid 80s.. in the last 3 weeks it’s been in the low/mid 50s. Here’s the part that will come across as odd.. this behavior happens from monday to wednesday. Inexplicably everything goes back to “normal” on thursday/friday. i know it’s odd but it’s been consistently doing this for the last 3 weeks.

    • Jeremy

      May be a carrier or reception thing…. Systems overloaded?

  • Charlie Spiritsong

    Spesifically, which number update for BlackBerry users? AAQ837? AAQ302?