Notifications Causing iPhones to Crash

An odd bug began affecting iPhone users today.

Random reboots can be quite annoying. But what happens if they’re not so random? Today many iPhone users found themselves victims of what may have at first seemed like random reboots, but that wasn’t really the case. They’re phones were being triggered to crash, and the trigger was app notifications. Just any old app notifications. I imagine this would be extremely frustrating for users.

The odd bug was causing processor usage to spike to 100% when apps gave a notification. With the processor at 100, the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch would heat up. And when the device heated up, it would end up restarting.

For users being affected by the bug, the directions to fix it start with turning off the notifications for all the apps on the device, then upgrade to the latest iOS 11.2. It seems Apple was quick to push out this latest update to fix this latest issue. I bet Mac users are wishing Apple was as quick to patch that embarrassing root login issue.


source: ZD Net


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