Not so trusty


In Trusted Review’s article “BlackBerry is dying off slowly, says Three” author Luke Johnson quotes that the Carrier Three says that “BlackBerry is dying off slowly”. This should be no news to BlackBerry fans, we’ve been hearing these statements for ages now. While I was frequenting another set of forums I was told daily that BlackBerry was closing shop. Apparently someone forgot to tell BlackBerry though, since they are continuing to go to work, continuing to put out OS updates, continuing to work on new porducts, oh, and nearly doubling their stock price.  Apparently Three has listened to the greatly biased media reports and have decided on their own that Windows Phone 8 is the third ecosystem. Strange how they have the power to decide that, I think someone had a second helping of  ego with their breakfast this morning.

One quote stuck out to me though:

Speaking on the Windows Phone 8 platform, Arndt stated: “The customer experience is great, the customer feedback is great on Windows Phone and is higher than some of the Android stuff.”

Now, I’m in the states, California to be exact. And I rarely see anyone else with a BlackBerry, and typically if I do, it’s a legacy device. But Windows Phone? I’ve only seen one in the wild, and that belongs to someone I know. I’ve never seen one in real life except for this person. I am obviously a little absorbed when it comes to mobile devices, and tend to have a lot of conversations about mobile phones. Now, typically, when Windows Phone 8 comes up, it is not in a flattering light. Now to be honest, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one to play with, as that is the only OS out there right now that I haven’t really spent any time on. But to hear information like the quote above, that was a shock to me.

So off I went to Three’s website to look at the reviews, I wanted to see how WP was better than BB10. Strangely enough, I can’t find a review section on their website. Really? A carrier website without a review section? That’s where I spend nearly all my time on the American carrier websites. So off to look up the phones themselves and see what they’re selling for. And not too surprisingly I find that they are not carrying BB10. They do however have a couple of old legacy Curves for sale. Now I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Windows phones were outselling Curves…

So, I came back to the carrier websites I know, (excluding T-Mobile of course, I will not give Legere one more hit) So lets look at the findings shall we? Let’s look at AT&T first:

Phone Cost on contract Consumer rating
BB Z10 Free 4.8
BB Q10 49.99 4.1
Nokia 920 Free 4.4
Nokia 925 .99 4.9
Nokia 1020 99.99 4.4
Nokia 1520 199.99-249.99 4.6

And Verizon: 

Phone Cost on contract Consumer Rating
BB Z30 199.99 4.7
BB Z10 Free 4.2
BB Q10 Free 4.2
Nokia Icon 199.99 4.8
Nokia 928 Free 4.0
Nokia 822 (refurb) .99 5.0 

I hope that we can all agree this is not the runaway success that Three is making it out to be. At least not from the consumer’s point of view. Of course, these are not Three’s results, they don’t show them. But I find it hard to believe our friends across the pond are all that much different from us. Time will tell, but I have a feeling in the near future, Three, along with T-Mobile, will realize their mistakes and will be asking to have BlackBerry back on their shelves.


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