How to (Not) Root the Priv

Instructions for how to root the Priv are making their rounds again. Except they don’t work.

BlackBerry has done something no other android OEM has managed to do. They’ve made android secure. They’ve made android un-rootable. Oh yeah, they did it on their first try too. But many would like to root BlackBerry Android. Some may wish to root it to prove BlackBerry wasn’t successful, some others may just want to tweak their devices like some android users enjoy doing. In any event,since the arrival of the Priv, many have tried to unsuccessfully root BlackBerry Android.

How shocking to stumble across directions online to easily hack the Priv. The method, found here, is quite simple. Just download the KingRoot app, install some USB drivers, enable developer mode, and press to root.

Except it doesn’t work. Obviously the author of the how-to didn’t actually try it. I think it’s probably more likely that the author just duplicated the same directions found here, that made the rounds back in May. Of course, the directions didn’t work then either.

Our site admin Robert decided to test it himself so you won’t have to, with the expected results.


So he tried the strategy.


Thanks to these sites for trying to be helpful, but sorry folks. The Priv still cannot be rooted.

BlackBerry for the win.


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  • Not really surprised with that finding

  • BlackBerryNewZealand

    It works for me

    • Jon Hunnings

      Pics (or better yet, video uploaded to YouTube showing the entire process from start to finish with no cuts) or it didn’t happen ;)

    • Rob

      I call BS, you cannot root a PRIV with an app