Not a Shocker, iOS Having Battery Issues

Another iOS update drains iPhone batteries.

We’ve seen it all before. iOS updates tend to break things. But then there’s always an update to fix the issue, that breaks something else. It’s happening again. This time, iOS 11.4 is draining the phone’s batteries. If you’re wondering, yes, more than normal.

Numerous users have already taken to Apple support forums complaining about the issue. More than 33 pages of complaints have already rolled in, and that number is just growing. Users are complaining that their batteries are draining at an excessive rate even though they aren’t using the devices. One user states that their settings app shows Personal Hotspot using almost half of their battery even though this function is turned off.

Unfortunately for users, even as the number of reports continue to grow, Apple has not acknowledged the issue. According to 9to5Mac iOS 11.4.1 is already in beta testing. If this version was developed with no knowledge of the battery drain problem, and no acknowledgement from Apple, it may take more than the next update to fix this issue.

As you walk past the power outlets and see even more iPhones lined up than you usually do, you’ll know the underlying reason. If you’re using a BlackBerry KEYone, Motion, or KEY2, you can also be very happy that you chose a phone that can last over a day of solid usage.



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