Nokia is Going Retro, So How About This?

Nokia is riding the nostalgia wave, but do you know what I really want?

The Nokia we all grew up with is dead and gone. Purchased by Microsoft, and put to work building Windows Phones, right up until Microsoft realized it was a poor idea, and away it went. Now, it’s back. Well, sort of.

The Nokia name has been licensed by HMD Global, and HMD Global really seems to be enjoying the history they’re now a part of. Last year at MWC the new Nokia introduced the new Nokia 3310. An updated, yet definitely retro version of the classic Nokia 3310 from 2000. Even though the phone brought minimal features, and only 2G connectivity, which limited the regions in which the phone could be purchased, the phone still was a highlight of the show, and commanded the headlines. It was so popular, a new version packing 3G was released.

This year, Nokia is riding the nostalgia wave once again, introducing the Nokia 8110. Nokia is hoping that once again, adding a touch of modern to a classic will bring the headlines and the customers. Well, it certainly grabbed the headlines, at least initially, but I’m not as convinced that this phone will be as popular as the 3310. It’s just not as cute.

I like nostalgia. I like retro. Back in the early days, I liked my Nokia phones. Will I rush out and purchase one of these blast-from-the-past phones? No. I won’t. I think it’s great what the new Nokia is doing. The phones just aren’t for me. Back when I used those types of phones, my phone was for phonecalls. That was it. Oh, and Snake. I loved Snake. But now, my phone is so much more. It’s my mobile computer. It’s my email, my social media, my calendar and contacts, really, it’s part of nearly every moment of my day. I’ll stop short of calling it my precious, but definitely integral to my everyday life. And the primary function my phone used to take, to make phone calls, is now the least used function on my smartphones.

But there is something someone can do that would have me rushing out to purchase a retro device. That would be to make a device that does the primary things I do use my phone for. Something I could carry as a secondary device, something that would make life a little more fun while not making it any less efficient. What could this device be?

A new, modern, BlackBerry 850!

I know what you’re thinking. A pager? Who would want that? Well, I would. And perhaps I’m the only one. But think about it in the same terms the new Nokia is thinking about their retro devices. Bring in modern technology, and modern convenience, into the same forward thinking design of the old device. Just as retro, but smarter.

A pager sized device which you could clip to your belt. The device with the classic curved Blackberry Keyboard, only this time, that keyboard is touch sensitive and acts as your navigation too. Don’t get rid of the wheel though, we’ll still want that.

A slightly taller screen, not so much to make it square, I still want the pager to look like the 850, but give me room for about 5 lines of text, or to see an entire profile picture and I’m happy. And of course, that screen would forgo the old digital screen for a full color modern screen, but of course, a low power always on mode that looked like the original.

Android powered and social media friendly. Imagine, a small device clipped to your side which you could easily manage all of your text based communications. From emails, to text messages, to even scrolling through your Twitter feeds, and of course, the most important, BBM! All that, and no phone calls.

Would it be a massive seller? Of course not. Would it gather headlines? Possibly. For a minute. Until the next product took it’s limelight. Would BlackBerry Mobile make it? I find that extremely doubtful. But I want it, and unlike these retro phones we’re seeing, it’s something I would actually use.


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