A Noise Cancelling Noodle Fork is a Reality

Slurp to your heart’s content with this noise cancelling fork.

Yes, this is not a joke. It is a reality. A fork to combat “noodle harassment”, or more accurately, slurping harassment. Apparently, and this is news to me, loudly slurping ramen noodles enhances the flavor of the noodles. I can assure you, I shall be testing this, the next time I eat a batch of ramen noodles.

This fork, called the Otohiko, has been created by Nissin, the company behind the Cup Noodles that we’ve all eaten at some point while trying to save pennies. When the fork recognizes someone slurping their noodles, it will send a signal to a connected app on a smartphone which will then put out it’s own noise to negate the sound of the slurping. Again, this is not a joke.

The Otohiko sells for around $130 and Nissin is only manufacturing 5,000 of them. Who knows? Perhaps the noise cancelling fork will become a raging success and we can get more products. Perhaps some noise cancelling tea cups and ice cream cones are needed?




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