No Encryption For You! On Your iPhone E-mail That Is…

Forward is the new Backward
Forward is the new Backward

The iPhone’s upgrade’s never cease to amaze me. We BlackBerry 10 users like to joke and tease about how iPhone doesn’t really upgrade. The upgrade’s typically consist of minor hardware updates, minor cosmetic differences, and more often than not, the biggest change we see when we actually hold and use the iPhone, are slightly different icon sets, and new backgrounds. But iOS 7 is different this time.

Apple has really surprised us! They’ve broken the iPhone mold. They have released two phones this time. An economy phone, the iPhone 5c was a first for Apple. This plastic younger brother of the 5s is the same as the iPhone 5, but with a brightly colored plastic body. Dropping production costs down through the use of plastics, Apple was able to offer this phone to those that didn’t want to drop $649 for an iPhone 5s can spend a measly $549. Did I mention it is brightly colored plastic? Totally makes worthwhile… no? Uhm… no. Well, at least the good news is that Apple is negotiating a $100 price increase for the next iPhone. (source) Not good news? Oops. Sorry.

But those aren’t the only differences. On the 5s, there is the  64 bit A7 chip! And someday I’m sure, you will be able to tell a difference on this amazing chip! Just not now…

But the most amazing part of the update is iOS 7 itself. And we are learning that Apple did not fall in to their typical trap. They didn’t just do minor improvements this time! I mean, they did do minor improvements, that’s just not all they did. This time, you will notice a difference in features! Sadly though, what you’ll probably notice is not that there is new features that people have been asking for, but features are simply missing.

Earlier this week we told you have Face Time will no longer work on older OS’s. So, I suppose by taking Face Time away from older models, they can now claim that the newer model has something that the older one does not. Today I learned that encryption on e-mail attachments have been removed from iOS 7. Back in 2010, Apple was proud enough to post about their new Data Protection.

Data protection is available for devices that offer hardware encryption, including iPhone 3GS and later, all iPad models, and iPod touch (3rd generation and later). Data protection enhances the built-in hardware encryption by protecting the hardware encryption keys with your passcode. This provides an additional layer of protection for your email messages attachments, and third-party applications.


Well, as reported by The Hacker News, this Date Protection has been silently removed from iOS 7. The missing protection, has been noticed and reported to iPhone, however  Apple has responded that they were already aware of this and it doesn’t appear that they will be putting it back.

iPhone users, think positive, don’t think of it as a loss, think of it as a gain! Nevermind what you have gained is yet another security hole.

Every day, as I hear and read what is going on in the world of iPhone, I’m even more happy that I chose BB10.



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