Nintendo Takes a Swipe at Sony’s PlayStation Choice

Sony’s decision may just come back to bite them.

Gamers are angry. Well, some gamers anyway. Specifically Sony PlayStation owners that wish to play games with users of different platforms. More specifically, with one of the top releases of the year, Fortnite: Battle Royale, which allows for cross compatibility on the Nintento Switch, Microsoft Xbox, iOS, and PC, but not on Sony PlayStation. This was not a decision by the developers, but by Sony itself.

While Sony has not given any substantial reason why it chooses not to allow cross platform play with any other console systems out there, the overwhelming belief is that it simply comes down to money. Sony is following the “closed garden” approach which is used by Apple. Essentially, they believe that if Joe and Bob want to play a game together, Joe and Bob will both buy a PlayStation. I have a feeling this will backfire sorely on them, as some people would choose Nintendo’s and Microsoft’s consoles, and at the end of the day, it’s Sony console users that are being left out of the game.

Nintendo released an video today that pokes fun of Sony, while never actually mentioning them. Instead, they do so by advertising their competitor the Xbox, or at least pointing out the fact that their users can actually play together in Minecraft.

An accompanying tweet also goes a long way.

Of course, both Xbox and Minecraft official accounts responded.

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Source: Gamespot


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