A Nice Little Surprise From BBM Channels

I love surprises.

Earlier today, when I went to go repost our KEYone review to my own BBM Channel, I was treated with a nice surprise, and a decision to make.

Back in September of last year, a new functionality was brought to BBM Channels. We were given the ability to change ownership of our BBM Channels. Unfortunately, the transfer didn’t really work the way most of us had hoped, and for many led to more frustration than relief.

The ability to transfer ownership of BBM Channels is something we had been hoping for since we first started creating BBM Channels. Sure, we had been given the ability to add more administrators to the BBM Channels, but sometimes, we just needed to move a Channel, and we were finally able to do so. But it wasn’t exactly how we wanted.

When we transferred the ownership of a channel, the channel remained on the phone of the original owner, and did not transfer to the phone of the new user. The new owner could only manage the BBM Channel through the desktop manager. In actuality, it was really no different than adding a new admin to the Channel.

I had of course tested this on my phones. I had a personal BBM Channel on my Passport, and as I used my Priv more and more, there were times I wanted to post to my channel and just couldn’t do it. The ability to change ownership of the channel was exactly what I needed. But in honesty, having to use the desktop manager just didn’t serve me well as far as ease of use, and I ended up starting a new personal channel, and didn’t think anymore about it.

Today I noticed, as I was surfing my favorite Channels, I noticed that my old BBM Channel was now accessible from my Priv ID. I now have full access to my old Channel directly on phone! Funnily enough, I have no idea when this happened. It appears that now, when we change ownership of our BBM Channel, the full phone control of the Channel now moves as we had originally hoped.

Have you tried to change ownership of Channels? Is it now working for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • AnDrewiD

    I haven’t tried to transfer channel ownership but I’ve tried adding multiple admin and have been disappointed. For being a mobile first platform I though it utterly silly that the new admin can only post from a PC. So in the end the functionality is a waste and the original owner is still the only one posting.

  • I have not tried transferring ownership as I have had no use for that feature, but its quite clear how that feature could be very useful for any enterprise using channels. Glad to hear its finally offered.

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    I tried when it was first offered and got the same issue you did – that I could only use the desktop manager – so I transferred it back. Thanks for the article – I’ll try it again.