NFC Gaining Traction…..For Some, And Others Are Completely Out To Lunch! or are they?

Hey Apple... If you don't want to eat it, why keep ordering it?
Hey Apple… If you don’t want to eat it, why keep ordering it?


So another major bank in Canada is taking steps to allow smart-phone users to make POS (Point of Sale) purchases for, in many cases, up to $100.

Canadian merchants are also jumping on the bandwagon allowing use of their loyalty cards through NFC. This is a great achievement, as we can start leaving some of those pesky cards at home. Well, those of us that didn’t buy an iPhone can anyway.

Even though some people would like to think that the iPhone has NFC capability, for instance this sadly uninformed person here, it most definitely does not. They do have “iBeacon”, which is used primarily to spam you with advertisement depending on where you happen to be at the time….but that won’t work with payments or anything of importance.

The question here is what will Apple say when they finally decide they will release a phone (can’t call it a smart-phone, not yet) that has NFC capability?

Will it be on the iPhone 6, or will it be a selling feature for a subsequent model? Personally I think they’ll have to eat too much crow, after all, they did mock everyone else that uses it not too long ago didn’t they?

Food (crow… yuck) for thought…

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So, I need to add this, after a bit more reading and some new info just out today. I must ask… Why would a company spent the dollars on bringing their version of NFC to patent and then push iBeacon? could it be because that needed to be released first for its purely data mining value?


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