News Junkies Unite! : Gazzet For BlackBerry 10


I’m addicted to news. Maybe it has something to do with getting old, because when I was a kid, the only news I cared about was the premiere of a new cartoon or what was for lunch. Now I see myself combing through multiple news sources trying to stay current with the rest of the world. The conundrum is this: how can I get the news I want without having to have at least five different apps? Is there anything that can cull the feeds I want together in one easy to use program and do so without looking like a bland, bare bones news ticker? Gazzet seems to think it can do this and more, and after putting it through the wringer for quite some time, I have my overall impressions lined up for your reading pleasure.

I’ll begin with Twitter. There is no shortage of Twitter clients, that’s for sure. BlackBerry 10 has four very capable Twitter clients, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s no secret that I love Twitter either; it’s the only social app I bother with because of its casual approach to information and communication. I don’t want to write or piss on someone’s wall, and I don’t care about what people ate and what it looked like. I want good, relevant news. World News, Tech News, Entertainment Industry, and many other topics that are constantly swirling around in my head need a direct line to my device without the ridiculous requirements of racking up electronic friends or likes. Twitter offers this handily, but sometimes it can be a little frustrating to look at Twitter feeds since everyone tries to get creative to get their tweets noticed over others. Gazzet has a very uniform native Cascades UI (always a huge bonus) that is smooth and beautiful to look at, and it takes the display picture of each followed account in your list and animates their tweet with it as a background scrolling image. Sure, it’s a small thing at face value, but when you experience the animation and the way each tweet blends into the next virtually seamless, it feels like it should have been that way all along.

This is the section where I mention that Reddit is also supported. Since I don’t use Reddit, I cannot comment on its effectiveness in Gazzet, but I imagine it does nothing less than impress as well.

Finally, I arrive at the Feedly support. I’m not gonna lie: prior to Gazzet, I had no idea what Feedly was. Now that I do, I cannot imagine life before it. If you don’t know what Feedly is either, think of a search engine similar to what Flipboard and Taptu offers in the manner of locating news feeds (not RSS) based on your likes and input. When such feeds are unearthed, each source can be added to a list via a Feedly account set up through Feedly’s website separately. Once that is complete, signing in to your Feedly account in Gazzet brings you all of those amazing news stories you desire in the same glorious appearance as your Twitter favorites. Why someone hasn’t thought of this before is beyond me, but I’m literally getting news from places I couldn’t before (such as Kotaku and Time) without having to open one more app. I cannot fully express the joy associated with owning Gazzet, but anyone can agree that getting the news you want is almost impossible without being force fed news that you don’t. The developer of Gazzet has even included a built in Web browser so you don’t have to leave Gazzet to read the whole story of a certain tweet or other feed. I know this isn’t a first as many other BlackBerry 10 apps are beginning to follow suit, but it’s noteworthy to me every time a developer takes the initiative to incorporate a built in Web browser.

One thing that makes or breaks an app recommendation for me is the level of communication a developer offers to the community. The developer of Gazzet is at the top of my list of favorites. This guy has opened his development process wide to the masses allowing feedback and suggestions and changing them on the fly when time permits. Developers like that are the pillar of the BlackBerry 10 app ecosystem, and they create the atmosphere that makes BlackBerry so much better than any other competing platform. So should you buy Gazzet? YES, of course Gazzet is an app that you need in your daily arsenal, and for my fellow Passport owners, he has taken extra steps to make sure we get the proper viewing experience on our square displays. To sum it up, if any of the above thoughts resonate with you, Gazzet will keep you informed on a daily basis in a new and exciting way. Oh, and the developer won’t stop there; in good fashion, he is constantly looking for ways to improve the value and bring more feeds to Gazzet. You can’t go wrong!


You can find Gazzet in BlackBerry World here

Tommy C

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