New York State embraces Cybersecurity


Hardly a day goes by without a report of a corporation being hacked or some critical zero-day vulnerability discovered. The impact of these events have a ripple effect throughout our global economy. While most EMM providers and corporations hide their head in the sand and silently hope it doesn’t happen to them, BlackBerry has made a clear commitment to treat ‘Cybersecurity‘ as a serious threat. “It’s estimated that the global economy takes a $400 billion hit every year due to data breaches.” BlackBerry’s cybersecurity efforts are strategically set to help address this issue.

Recently the state of New York has proposed legislation that would cover financial institutions. The main points include:

  1. Hiring a, “‘qualified individual’ who is described as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The new requirement for annual compliance reports requires that the CISO “shall report in writing at least annually to the Covered Entity’s board of directors or equivalent governing body.” This will effectively be a statement on how the regulation is implemented, including details on ‘material Cybersecurity Events’.”
  2. “the need for annual reports, effectively signed-off by the board with a certification document to be sent to the DFS.”
  3. ” Annual penetration testing is now required “absent effective continuous monitoring, or other systems to detect, on an ongoing basis, changes in Information Systems that may create or indicate vulnerabilities.”

The legislation is scheduled to become effective March 2017 after a review and comment period. It will be interesting to see whether other industries (eg. hospitals, large retailers, law firms, etc… ) and other states join this movement which could potentially have significant impact on the $400 billion figure mentioned earlier.

As these efforts move forward who is better positioned to meet the Cybersecurity and communication needs of these entities more than BlackBerry/Good?

Just another reason corporations should-




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