New York Says Pokemon NO to Sex Offenders

A few days ago, it was reported that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, put forth a directive forbidding registered sex offenders from playing Pokemon GO. This comes after a revelation from New York Senators Jeffrey D. Klein and Diane Savino discovered that there were numerous Pokemon, Pokestops, and Pokemon Gyms within a half block of 100 registered sex offenders in New York City.

Cuomo took it a step further and wrote a letter to Niantic CEO John Hanke offering to send New York’s sex offender registry to him so that the company could block the offenders from playing the game.

Now a new bill has been introduced which would prevent augmented reality games, like Pokemon GO, from placing game objectives, like Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms within 100 feet of where a registered sex offender lives.
After hearing of robbery attempts where lures had been set to bring unsuspecting victims to criminals, it is nice to see New York state taking such a proactive approach with it’s sex offenders. However the bill that has been introduced could prove to be quite a chore for game developers.

One thing is for sure, sex offenders will have a much harder time finding that elusive Lickitung.




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  • Chaplain_Clancy

    There’s an unclaimed gym in the Korean DMZ. They could move them all there….just sayin’.

  • Jope28

    Idea sounds good, but interesting to see it work since we all mostly live all cramped up in neighboring tall buildings lol.

    It’s not like NYC is the boonies where it isn’t so densely populated.

    Better idea would be to just not allow sex offenders to live in NYC.

  • Anthony

    Why not just make the sex offenders Pokemons in the game. locco_smiley_39