New WiFi Standard Will Soon Boost Your Network Speed

The WiFi Alliance has started the WiGig certification program.

Your WiFi speeds could get supercharged next year, thanks to WiGig. WiGig is the name for 802.11ad, the WiFi standard for WiFi communications operating in the 60GHz frequency band. It’s designed to provide speeds of up to 7Gbit/s.

The WiFi Alliance, which controls the WiFi standards, recently started its WiGig certification program. The program certifies products to be WiGig capable, making it easier for users to determine if a product supports WiGig.

Because the 60GHz frequency band is far less crowded than the 5GHz and especially the 2.4GHz bands, WiGig signals should be more reliable and consistent due to less interference.

However, WiGig does have its drawbacks. The main drawback are its short range, currently 10 meters (33 feet) and the fact that the 60GHz band doesn’t go through walls well. Those drawbacks effectively limit WiGig usage to a single room. That makes WiGig very suitable for wireless HDMI technologies like Miracast, providing WiGig supports point-to-point connections like WiFi Direct.

Additionally, if the speed of your Internet connection is slower than your current WiFi speeds, then upgrading to WiGig probably won’t increase the speed of your Internet traffic. But it will increase transfer speeds between devices on your network, providing they all support WiGig.

Expect to start seeing certified WiGig products in stores next year.

Source: The WiFi Alliance


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