New Version Of Stilgut Case For Passport, First Look


A recent purchase prompted me to make a video.

Why not!
The Stilgut company has been making cases for BlackBerry for a while now, and they are beautiful.

Let’s take a look…


I love the Stilgut case that Joe showed us a while back. That is what prompted me to investigate the company further.

Unlike the beauty that Joe showcased though, this one has some significant differences.

Check out this video…

This kit is premium. The look and feel is high end to be sure. Picking it up from the table immediately gives you that feeling of quality, as does the Passport it so securely encases.

Flipping the front cover to the back of the Passport allows for typing and use of the device as if the case were not there at all.

This Stilgut case adds very little weight, along with little bulk. That means it gets into and out of my shirt pocket or suit jacket pocket without issue. Living in a purse for the ladies would be a no brainer as well.


The clasp makes it extremely drop proof

Great design for protecting the Passport

Easy to insert or remove the phone, allowing access to the SIM or SD card

All ports and buttons available

Very luxurious Napa leather build



No access to earpiece/mics when closed so you must open the case for a phone call

No LED indication when case is closed


In summary, I love this case and recommend it to similarly minded carbon units such as myself. I bet I could throw it across a parking lot (or baseball field) and expect some scuffs, but zero damage to the Passport.

I’d say it’s a good buy, and I’d suggest the same for Stilgut’s other offerings, like Joe said.

Thanks for watching, and enjoy.



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  • Blackjack

    Throw it across a baseball field? Wow. Would it survive a hammer blow?

  • Anthony

    Nice case. locco_smiley_20

    The BlackBerry case I bought for my Passport could use that clasp.

    You forgot to mention where you bought this case.

    • Canuckvoip

      Thanks, and good point Anthony.
      I purchased it straight from the manufacturer Stilgut. Couldn’t find one on and wouldn’t ship to Canada.

  • Brad

    Wow! That’s a nice case! I usually don’t care for the folio cases, but that one looks verrrry nice!