New Update for the BlackBerry Priv, Check it Now

We did not expect that. Users are reporting a new update to the BlackBerry Priv, but after the update it appears that the version is completely new AAW068. However, the device is still on October 17 for the security level.

We do not have any additional information about the update except that this is a 100MB update. In October, BlackBerry ended its commitment to the BlackBerry Priv for its new BlackBerry® devices, but stated that it will update it if it is necessary. It seems that if BlackBerry has pushed a new update to the device, it is about closing a security breach that has been discovered.

Some users reported failures in the update and therefore you can check BlackBerry guide for the December update if you remember the issues with DTEK update.

Thanks to akakkia from BerryIL forum  for the information.

Please share more information in comments or forum if you find anything new or different.

Roy Shpitalnik

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