New Trailer for Overkill’s Walking Dead Introduces Maya

We get her entire background in around two minutes.

There’s a new Walking Dead video game heading this way. “Overkill’s Walking Dead” expands the Dead universe with new characters. With the current TV shows centering around small groups of characters in a world gone zombie, of course there can be more stories to tell, and video games are a great place to tell them. A new trailer was revealed last night during an Xbox video stream.

In the new trailer for the game which is set to be released this fall, we get this new playable character’s backstory in just over two minutes. Even though this is obviously not game play footage, it still looks incredible. Do we even need live actors anymore? It doesn’t look like we will for long anyway.

Maya is working in a hospital when the outbreak occurs. And we see her going from attempting to help the infected, to needing to fight for her life, to having to put take down her friend and coworker before he changes. If this is close to the action we will see in the game, it will be incredible.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be available this fall for PlayStation 4, Windows PC via Steam and Xbox One. Watch the trailer below. Will you be entering this world?

This is the second video showcasing a playable character for the game. The previous trailer introduced the first playable character named Aidan, and looks just as amazing.

Walking Dead


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