New Steam Privacy Changes Kills Steam Spy

The service will remain as nothing more than a archive.

Steam Spy had become a very important source for measuring sales figures from the video game industry. By scraping information about Steam user’s libraries, it was able to provide fairly reliable stats, thanks to the large sample size of users. Creators of Steam Spy state that the resource “won’t be able to operate anymore.

What killed it the resource? Valve’s new privacy policies. Steam’s creators at Valve have updated their privacy policy, and among the changes that are taking place, user’s libraries now default to private. Steam Spy depended on these libraries being public. Now that the change is taking place, they will no longer be able to collect the data which they had before.

In the wake of the Facebook fiasco, we can be sure that many companies are rushing to update their policies. I’m sure most hope that they won’t come under the scrutiny of a market that is suddenly, and thankfully, concerned over privacy. While this may be seen as a loss to the industry in terms of statistics, it’s still a win for privacy to make user information default to private in any instance.

Steam Spy

Source: Ars Technica


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