New Shazam Trailer Shows DC Can Have Fun

This may be the movie that changes my mind about DC movies.

Ok, so Shazam wasn’t really created for DC. In fact, Shazam was a competing comic to early DC comics. And the title consistently beat DC’s own Superman. But DC filed lawsuits, and after years of fighting, and the original publisher eventually giving up, Shazam landed in the DC universe, and went relatively ignored for years. The character really came into his own taking out Superman in Alex Ross’s Kingdom Come. And now, it appears as if Shazam may just save the DC universe. Or at least the movie universe.

DC’s modern movies have been, well, depressing. The movie which every comic fan had been waiting for, Batman v. Superman, was horrendous. The following Justice League may have ruined movie versions of Batman and Superman for this generation. So far, the best of the bunch was the forgettable Suicide Squad. It seems DC just doesn’t know how to have fun on the big screen. But Shazam may just change this.

In the latest trailer for Shazam, we get to see several humorous scenes from the movie, and a few subtle jokes. Was that an American Pie reference with “say my name”? Did you notice a novelty Batman appearance? Shazam attempting to leap over a tall building is the joke we all needed.

Are you excited about DC taking a lighthearted approach on the big screen? Will you be watching?


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