Smart Lock security settings for BlackDroid

One of the lesser-known aspects of Android’s Security settings, hidden away in the Security menu is a section labelled Smart Lock. This section offers a number of options. To be clear – some are working and some are not yet functional.

To get started simply select Settings > Security > Smart Lock, then enter your PIN. Once you do this the following options will appear-



On-body detection is fully functional and does exactly what the description says-



As far as Trusted places is concerned, I’m not sure if this works as I did not test it out (I refuse to use Google Maps). If one of our readers would like to give it a go and comment that would be greatly appreciated.



Regarding Trusted Device, I did not have another device nearby while writing up this post so I did not have the opportunity to check it out. Again, and reader wishing to test this is more than welcome to add to the knowledge base of the community.



Trusted face is not fully functional. Is may be because the front-facing camera would need to be active whilst the phone is locked (either that or I do not have a trustworthy face…).




Maybe the author is not too bright or just too dim??



Finally, Trusted voice is not yet functional. When I selected the option to set-up voice recognition it exited the screen and went back to the prior menu.


So there you have it folks. I’m not sure whether these additional features will ever become fully functional but it sure is refreshing to have additional security features coming out.


This entire post was written on a KEYone,

just another reason that-




kayaker co-pilot Tucson, it's a dry heat!

  • Roy shpitalnik

    Look cool…

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    these have been there since I bought my dtek50 back in November. Pretty sure it’s a marshmallow thing

  • anthogag

    “Keep the TOP of your head and BOTTOM of your chin WITHIN the circle”

  • Celltowerguy

    I have used trusted devices with success. At work I have it set to stay unlocked as long as it is connected to my Bluetooth speakers and so far so good.

  • BlueTroll

    So, are these features unique to BlackBerry Android devices or just any old Android device?