New Scams on Whatsapp Can Steal Your Data

It’s fun that everyone can send you messages just because they have your phone number. Two new scams on Whatsapp are trying to steal your data with “Free” vouchers and gifts.

The first scam comes from the UK as users received £250 to spend at ASDA just because they celebrate 68th years. The Supermarket itself owned by Walmart announced that the voucher is fake, and if you will click the link you probably will become victim of phishing.

The second scam appeared in Israel as users claim to receive free tickets from UK “British Airways”. Same as the first scam, you need to click on the link to get the “free” gift but those who clicked now know that like ASDA vouchers this is fake.

 Whatsapp scams are not new, and last June very similar scam appeared in Israel, when users got “Free” tickets to fly with the local company EL AL.

When everyone can message you just cause your number is on their lists, its very scary. You really can’t know if those messages are real or fake because we know Whatsapp wants to let companies have your phone number to send you Spam (they call it service).

To be sure, if you use Whatsapp and you get any message that looks weird and not usual, check before you click on any link.

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Roy Shpitalnik

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